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VeRoLiberator Sustainability & Efficiency

“We have registered 50+ patents world-wide to protect our ground­breaking technology.”

Oscar Scharfe, Managing Partner

How VeroLiberator® helps you to increase Sustainability & Efficiency in Comminution

The global conversion to Climate-Smart Mining as defined by the World Bank Group, is both a challenge and a chance for the mining industry to increase its efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of mining and mineral processing.

Current situation

Global political, social and corporate pressure to convert the industry (Climate-Smart Mining: Minerals for Climate Action). To date, comminution is the largest single user of energy at typical mining operations.

According to various sources from a scientific and industrial background, comminution accounts for 53% of the energy consumption of a mine and 3% to 5% of the entire world´s energy consumption. Due to the overall trend of declining ore grades, these numbers are expected to increase significantly over the next decade.

VeRoLiberator timeline

For environmental reasons less water usage in often very remote and dry mine sites is wanted by the industry and the society. Tailings dams bear a high human and environmental risk as recent catastrophes have shown. Everyone involved wants to change that.

Sustainability goals for climate-smart mining:

  • Less energy consumption 
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Less water usage
  • Safer tailings dams

VeroLiberator® can help you achieve your climate-smart mining goals:

  • Significantly lower energy consumption compared to conventional comminution (3 to 7 kWh/t), up to more than 70% reduction
  • No process water is used (or polluted)