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VeRoLiberator® has a wide range of applications

Applications for the VeRoLiberator® are in the comminution of primary ores or aggregates, the recycling of secondary materials such as metallurgical slags and wastes, and incinerator slags.

VeRoLiberator Applications Detail 1

Primary ores

The main application in the mining industry is in the breakage, particle size reduction (i.e. comminution), and liberation of primary ore from gangue for subsequent gravity separation or froth flotation. The VeRoLiberator® can replace two to three comminution steps such as primary and secondary crushers, even to a first ball or SAG mill stage, thus reducing both CAPEX and OPEX significantly. The crushing or comminution effect (particle size reduction ratio) of the VeRoLiberator® is in the order of >100x and thus far superior to conventional jaw or cone crushers.

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Recycling of secondary materials

Recycling of secondary materials (metallurgical slags, incinerator slags, armoured concrete) is the second field of application. The results from VeRoLiberator® test work with anode smelter copper slag are impressive and show the versatility of the new comminution process. The high velocity impacts of the VeRoLiberator® are fast enough to have an embrittling effect on viscous and ductile materials such as metallic copper droplets within the more brittle slag matrix. Flattening of metallic copper particles is thus avoided and allows for the development of entirely new physical separation methods of metals from other compounds.

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Ultrafine Grinding

VeroLiberator® achieves particle reduction ratios of up to 1.000 (even 6.250 for diatomite) after a single pass comminution.

This exceptional comminution ratio of 6.250 was achieved for diatomite (minute opal skeletons in a calcitic matrix) for industrial minerals purposes. It can thus produce ultrafine grinding results – if needed.

Through adjustments to the machine you can easily vary the coarseness/fineness of the end-product and tailor it to your needs.