Header Image VeRoLiberator - High Velocity Rotation

High-velocity rotation

The main principle behind the VeRoLiberator® is high-velocity rotation. The ore passes gravitationally and continuously through the comminution cylinder, where it is subjected to high-frequency, high-velocity impacts. The axles turn both clockwise and counterclockwise against each other, multiplying the already high impact forces.

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Easy maintenance and flexibility of operation

Maintaining the VeRoLiberator® is easy, quick, and cost-efficient. The main comminution casing can be lifted hydraulically to quickly replace individual impact tools. The entire axle-in-axle system with all hammer tools attached can be pulled safely and easily out of the machine and replaced by a complete standby unit. Such an exchange of the entire axle-unit with all tools takes less than two hours, which makes the machine extremely maintenance-friendly and minimizes down-time. The configuration (alloy-composition, number, size, weight, and design) of the tools and the speed of the various tool levels can all be modified separately to suit specific petrophysical properties of different ore types.

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Low energy consumption and low level of operating noise

One of the fundamental advantages of the VeRoLiberator® is its impressive energy-efficiency of between 7 and 3 kWh/t for solid primary ore. The VeRoLiberator® achieves this ground-breaking goal by the feed material falling gravitationally though the comminution unit. Additionally, this is due to the efficient momentum transfer of the kinetic impact energy from tools into the ore, resulting in largely contactless disintegration of the ore along natural particle boundaries.

Despite the high-velocity impacts,
the operational noise level of 85 dBA is surprisingly low,
thus avoiding noise pollution and respecting occupational
health limitations.

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High particle size reduction ratios

The VeRoLiberator® achieves exceptionally high particle size reduction ratios in a quick single pass comminution. The maximum so far is a reduction ratio of 1,000 (F80 < 120 mm and P80 < 120 µm). This impressive reduction ratio has been achieved on a bulk sample of massive sulphide ore from Rio Tinto, Spain.

Where such extreme particle size reduction ratios are suitable, the VeRoLiberator® can replace two or even three steps of conventional comminution, directly from ROM to a flotation feed.

Alternatively, the VeRoLiberator® can also deliver excellent coarse particle liberation, e.g. 85% liberation at 800 µm instead of 135 µm, for coarse particle flotation, improved dewatering of slimes and safer dry-stacked tailings dams.